NoTM: Thinner #85: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Eingang Nach Draußen

Comment from Thinner-Site:

The fourth Thinner release in 2006 once again establishes a longplayer since Ronny and Nico from Kraftfuttermischwerk kept sending new tunes on and on. So decision has been made to compile an album out of material we had been sent instead of an EP.
Their beautiful songs consist of dreamy melodies and lush electronic grooves. A certain sense of melancholy and fragile romance lays underneath all songs. And then, additional playfulness and easy dubs are the ingredients to provide sensual listening at its best. Though worth 71 minutes of music, the album can be described as a colourfully textured chapter of slowly morphing freeform electronic downbeats with a deep sense of introspection and solitude.
It all begins with 'Elbufer', a minimal brainer with melancholic undertones. The follow up 'Tischtennis im Regen' is a sparkling breeze and easy laidback groover within a peacefulatmosphere. The next songs direct to 'Gesagt, Getan', a rather loose drift through spacey terrain. Figure the mellow melodies. But even more spaced out is 'Give It To Me Slow' with its bending background pads and accompaning 808 hats, making it perfect for the very early morning hours.
The gradual transition within this album comes with 'Mikro', which sets a new marker. 'Wolkenbruch' comes up with heavy cloudy layers and earthy downbeats. 'Schleifsteine' then is on the 808 side again with minimal beats and sparse spheric pads. One of their most recent works is 'Schluss Mit Lustig' with unusual thin and light breaks. The album finishes with a remix by the ever prolific Transient (Carl Martin), who adds slightly shifted perspectives to the original 'Tischtennis im Regen'. Well done!
All in all, we hope you enjoy these imaginative 71 minutes of music for the mind. Let the journey unfold!

Elbufer5:42(8.04 MB).mp3
Tischtennis Im Regen5:44(8.07 MB).mp3
Liebe Zur Sonne, Zur Freiheit4:57(6.98 MB).mp3
Falling Down5:48(8.16 MB).mp3
Gesagt, Getan6:06(8.59 MB).mp3
Give It To Me Slow4:43(6.65 MB).mp3
Katzenauge4:20(6.10 MB).mp3
Mikro5:49(8.20 MB).mp3
Grauzone6:40(9.38 MB).mp3
Gewitterwolken5:45(8.09 MB).mp3
Schleifsteine5:12(7.34 MB).mp3
Schluss Mit Lustig5:39(7.97 MB).mp3
Tischtennis Im Regen (Transient Mix)5:02(7.09 MB).mp3

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