This is the End.…

Dear Readers,
After two years of fun and stress, I have finally decided to end this blog. I had a lot of fun doing it but I don't have the time for it anymore. It's a decision that was very hard and has driven me around for a few days how to tell it. Believe me when I say that this decision is not driven by any arguments, rumors or anything else I had with anyone.

Naturally I will go on listenig to netlabel music - and loving it.

I'm sorry for anyone who looked forward to new music and playlists. Any emails you send me regarding Stratospheric topics will be left unanswered. Maybe, someday this blog will be revitalized if I have enough time to do so I will.

I want to thank everybody for their support and trust they put in me.

The blog itself will be kept online.

Stratosphera-nrb needs you!

Hello everybody.
Yes! You are reading right. Stratophera needs you! I am searching for a 'poster' (somebody that posts reviews - not a paper to hang up :)) and somebody who is able to translate reviews into Spanish (I've discovered my Spanish has become better but still not good enough). Both should understand and write English quite good ( - the best would be fluent). It would be really nice if the poster could speak and write German which is way not required.
So if you think you would do well contact me here and write something about yourself - if you have give me a list of works describing music written by you.

Thanks everybody.

Test Tube #154: monopole - Silent movie surround sound

What the Netlabel wrote:

«Monopole is Richard Sudney from Detroit, USA, but don't expect techno sounds from 'Silent movie surround sound'. Instead, expect some glitch-esque IDM mixed up with ambient electronica for good measure. Audio sources range from typical field recordings gathered around abandoned factories and old vacuum tube analogue equipment installed at Richard's basement. This small EP is apparently influenced by old theatre projections of silent movies from the 20's and 30's. The quirky programmings and out-of-line samples make up for a very curious and cinematographical, while interesting, release.»
- Pedro Leitão

What Stratosphera writes:
English: Beautiful patterns of music and atmosphere snatch the leasterners by hearing this intensive and dynamic compisition. The paradox of the album title continues into the music, which seems to get slower and faster at the same time.
Deutsch: Wunderschöne musikalische Muster und Atmosphären greifen nach dem Zuhörer während er/sie diese dynamische Komposition hört. Das Paradox des Albumtitels setzt sich in der Musik fort, welche gleichzeitig schneller und langsamer zu werden scheint.
Español: Calañas preciosas y ambientes preciosos asen por el oyente, mientras oye esta composición dinámica. La paradoja del título continúa en la música que, al mismo tiempo, parece más rápida y más lenta.

1 Silent movie surround sound / 2 Stereo-vision radio / 3 Main feature intermission
get .zip

I'm sorry but I have to take a break!

I'm really sorry that I have to announce that I have too take a break. I'm extremly busy at school (Abitur is coming up too me). I promise that I will after that listen to all the stuff people sent me in the last few months and please everybody to be understanding and patient. By the way for everybody that is asking themselves what this peace of art befor this text means and is from: It's from Carl Spitzweg and named 'The Bookworm' and I took it because I will have to read many books to finally make it.

Coming up when I'm back are minimum of 3 playlists and a hell lot of new previews - also stratosphera will then be trilingual (English, Spanish and German), so be patient and read some other blogs in that while.

Stratosphera playlist #5: Random Flow

So let me comment this:

Random Flow may be one of those Netlabels kinda unknown for the 'masses'. But - and that's a big but - it's sounds are kinda groovy and without a real website it's quite hard to spread the music.
So let me say something about this Netlabel: Mostly publishing Hip-Hop it wasn't on my radar. That stopped when Ben Banyard contacted me - I refused a fue times but after downloading the whole Random Flow things I was kinda excited. Well so I thought what I could do and I decided that it was time for another Playlist, it's the 5th.
At last after the music follows I wanna say something to ALL of there artists: GO ON LIKE THIS!

The Playlist:
1. l'eau du robinet - A Zycie Ma Swoj Koniec (out of Random Flow #7: Tap Water Drinkers)
2. Tin Soldier - So What (out of Random Flow #1: Digital Decisions)
3. Phreniq - Playtime (out of Random Flow #2: Phreniq)
4. Tin Soldier - 8 Lil Notes (out of Random Flow #1: Digital Decisions)
5. Phreniq - Pop & Lock (out of Random Flow #2: Phreniq)
6. CM aka Creative - Doing the damn thing (out of Random Flow #3: Classic Material )
7. Phreniq - In this Liftime (out of Random Flow #2: Phreniq)
8. CM aka Creative - My Way feat. Buck (out of Random Flow #3: Classic Material)
9. S-Master & Esco - Cheese Box (out of Random Flow #4: Masters of Faser Fu)
10. CM aka Creative - Who I am (out of Random Flow #3: Classic Material)
11. S-Master & Esco - Things are Broken (out of Random Flow #4: Masters of Faser Fu)
12. D3Zs - Wake Up (out of Random Flow #5: Doin' The Raps (Part 1))
13. Pot-C - Jesus Da Hustla (out of Random Flow #8: The Last Villainville Villain)
14. D3Zs - Zookeepers (out of Random Flow #6: Doin' The Raps (Part 2))
15. Gosprom - Broadway (out of Random Flow #9: Broadway)
16. D3Zs - Let The Music Play (out of Random Flow #6: Doin' The Raps (Part 2))

Test Tube #125: uncle bart comes to have breakfast - some paradoxes about the human existence and its arquetips

Comment from Test Tube-Site:

«From fragments of some (other) space free jazz in ‘Interlude…’ to the perversion of a spoken word in ‘Metamorphosis…’, going through the post-minimalism of ‘Cyber Chaotic Zen Paradox’, it’s a whole universe almost cinematographic – which goes beyond transcending labels and classifications – the one that we are given to discover in this excellent work from ‘Uncle Bart comes to have breakfast’.
Deep spaces of deceiving sound weirdness, where the ripping of pseudo-narrative perspectives intertwines with timbric instrumental explorations, in the quest for a new and rigorous sound.
Music in which distant and disperse ‘ethnics’, permeate a never-ending journey of disturbing beauty, in an apparent noise amalgam.» - Carlos Zíngaro

Comment from Stratosphera:
This album is not as much music at it is art. The story you will here has been written about 80 years ago; it's "Die Verwandlung" (Metamorphosis) by Franz Kafka. Kafka was one of these author that couldn't really earn money with the writting - but what those people write changes the ways of thinking and the history of liturature. His stories and novels have often been discussed. Now "uncle bart comes to have breakfast" mixes up the text with sometimes strange audial settings. He cuts, breaks, returns back again, flips the story around - get's it all dynamic and slow if the text conducts it. And so I can't do anything else than announce the most aesthetic audial work this year so far.

01 Metamorphosis Paradox part 1 / 02 Interlude - Meditation Paradox part 1 / 03 Metamorphosis Paradox part 2 / 04 Interlude - Meditation Paradox part 2 / 05 Metamorphosis Paradox part 3 / 06 Cyber Xhaotic Zen Paradox

get .zip

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