NoTM: Thinner #50: VA - I Like To Listen!

Comment from Thinner Site:
Compilations are usually dedicated to rather special moments – like in this case, where things are set to celebrate the 50th release of the Netlabel “Thinner”.
On this Compilation you’ll find some renowned Thinner-Artists (who have new material in the pipeline for 2004), and some new artists, for which the Compilation offers a fitting frame to groove themselves into the brains of the listeners. Musically, the intercontinental voyage starts with Jason Corders “Serotone”; a crisp Minimalhouser that works with funky guitar licks interacting with chimes. Digitalis from Bern/Switzerland give us a window-clear preview with “China Hope” for their upcoming Thinner Album for 2004. Martin Jarl, Johan Fotmeijer and Johan Skugge are members of the swedish Mitek posse around Mikael Stavostrand. Besides the upcoming releases by Fotmeijer and Skugge on Thinner, they have new albums and 12'' in the pipeline for this year.
Dialogue from Bern have just released on Trapez, and because of Niels Jensen as a reknown artist on Thinner, it was about time to welcome his “Dialogue” Alias on our label. Benfay hits the bang with his dry-rocking “EM33”. We’ll see whether his Thinner-Album in February will become as uncomprimising as this clean submission.
From Northern Ireland we welcome Tristen Polar on Thinner, who will have a bigger EP 2004 after a string of upcoming 12''s on wellknown Minimalhouse Labels. His submission “Model Citizen” is a tracked-orignal “Splatterhaus” Cut, how Tpolar uses to categorize them. For this track he cooperated with Clive Kells.
Selffish is a bit more laidback with lots of cycling effects,in this concrete, piece “Cheer Up” while Eloi Brunelle sets the floor with “Honeygroove”. Accordingly Pheek dives into more functional deep sea with his Hommage to Neuchatel, station of his European tour in Summer 2002. It’s a pleasure to see Dennis DeSantis on Thinner again after a while, same as we welcome Joerg Schusters project “Sensual Physics”, after his other other appearances being Digitalverein and Lufth.
Finally the circle is closed by krill.minima from Dortmund, whose rather lush, delayed vocal-whispered track “Sleeping or Awake” is dedicated to more intimate moments.
Dear listeners and supporters, thank you for a great time so far and enjoy us on our Canada/North American Minitour in March.

Jason CorderSerotone5:46(8.11 MB).mp3
DigitalisChina Hope5:56(8.34 MB).mp3
DialogueWindowgirls4:58(7.00 MB).mp3
BenfayEM335:59(8.43 MB).mp3
TPolar & Clive KellsModel Citezen5:20(7.51 MB).mp3
SelffishCheer Up5:41(7.99 MB).mp3
Eloi BrunelleHoneygroove6:30(9.14 MB).mp3
Sensual PhysicsSensual Movement6:31(9.18 MB).mp3

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