Archaic Horizons and Techno from Russia

Archaic Horizon #22: Electricwest - Divine de Vice

Comment from Archaic Horizon:

Manifesting an angelic sound through adverse emotions creates a dynamic structure to Divine de Vice. On the surface lie alluring tangible synths that glaze arduous and mysterious memories. Softly broken beats fringed at the edges skim across this ever fading finish, condensing the foggy barrier between a burdened past.
Beginning with a tranquil hum, "Before You Know I'm Gone" progresses from its quiet origin with distinctive glitching percussion, soft and effervescent. The unfamiliar melodies of "Hello Stranger" foreshadow the uncertain intentions of our own most powerful vice. "The Crawls" descends deep below a divine surface exposing the ominous workings of the often unseen.
The album is then completely reinterpreted through six various artists as well as a remix by Electricwest. As always, enjoy, and welcome to the new year.

Comment from Stratosphera:
This EP is the bridge between funkie-groovy laid-back-music and philosophic ambient. Just beautyfull to listen to.

Bruises / Because of You / Before You Know I'm Gone / Hello Stranger / The Air That Found Us / Where'd You Go? / The Crawls / Bruises (DREXON FIELD canine mix) / Before You Know I'm Gone (MILIEU redspine mix) / The Crawls (COUNTERSPARK lonely nights mix) / The Air That Found Us (ELECTRICWEST blowback mix) / Bruises (GABRIEL mix) / Hello Stranger (ELUDER parasite mix) / Where'd You Go? (DAVID TAGG mall security mix) / Because Of You (we did this mix by CELER)

Archaic Horizons #23: Heroines of the U.S.S.R - Spring Snow

Comment from Archaic Horizon:
Heroines of the U.S.S.R constructed 'Spring Snow' with manipulated field recordings layered upon various instruments including the glockenspiel, guitar, and trumpet, as well as other homemade instruments. The sound of which is then deconstructed into an aged and grainy fury of soft kinetic tones, which wander about the periphery of the stereo field.
Each track posses a living force that is elemental to the operation of its change. This distinct underlying force that drives ‘Spring Snow’ through its slow and steady transitions is manifested through the degradation of prolonged tones. The weathered sonics thaw in the layers of thermal distortion and freeze into an icy frost after being sheltered from the sun. Cycling through these processes creates a sound enlivened with a chilling mobility that activates the listener’s space.
Matt Spokes has distilled the essence of his instruments into drones saturated with distortion and synthetic effects, effectively rendering a phenomenon nature. These pure sounds construct an environment that excludes all excess while still obtaining a well-bodied and rich sound.

Comment from Stratphera:
This EP screamed at me. It screamed and whistled at the same time: 'Think of the Sovjet Union; Stalin Era. You're travelling bye train through the country. You look into the sad and silent Faces of the Poeple. A dark feeling grows in you, the feeling that something bad is going to happen." And this feeling is translated into the music - so listen to it you could loose your place and be there.

January 22nd / February 7th / March 3rd / March 6th

Russian-Techno Podcast #1:

Comment from Russian-Techno:
So here’s the very first Russian-Techno.Com podcast over here! Vadz has put together a nice mix of his best-loved electro tracks, splicing and cutting them into a big journey. So, it feels like a spring in space ;) You have to check it out, trace it’s mood and catch the flow… This one is truly made with love and passion!

Comment from Stratosphera:
Welcome to a lot more modern Russia. Very dynamic, very kickin'.

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