Mixotic #120: Frosty - Netlabel Mixtape Vol.4

Comment from Mixotic-Site:
Frosty adds another sequel to his popular "Netlabel Mixtape" series. His journey leads him from well known net-places to hidden, secret caves. Mysterious channels are interrupted by bright light spots, they are going up and then deep down again. What's down there? A shining gold mine or just a cold, deep sheer?

Frosty was was born in 1978 and grew up in a town called Siegen. At the age of 13 he discovered the radio show "RPR-Maximal" and he was fascinated by that electronic sound. One year later he began DJing at private parties an made his own tapes. But with the beginning of his job education in 1994 Frosty lost many of his old contacts and got new influences. Electronic music became secondary.
In 2006 while he was surfing the internet and found a netlabel by chance. Wondering how it could be to get legal mp3 tracks for free he downloaded his first electronic music after years. One year and many gigabytes later Frosty started mixing his own tapes again.

01Markus Masuhr - Mandola Claptiks Tisch 005
02Tobsucht.FX - The Lightness Off Being Pinksilver 003
03Pablo Akaros - Storpet Flumo 010
04Jorge Savoretti - Trickylove Harry Klein Networks 001
05Levelheads - Tubular Supafeed 005
06Dr. Nojoke - Nofo Deep In Dub 001
07D'Kawa - Sekku Kreatur Musik 002
08DNCN - You Asked Kreatur Musik 001
09Dot - New Process Unfoundsound 030
10DSUM - Tocando Suelo Discoscocinados 002
11Feniin - Locked Textone 029
12Hervé AK - Total Contrast Indigomagenta 010
13Kareem - Scholle Pentagonik 018
14Kristian Holz - Langhaar Tribetoolz 006
15Norman Creed - Treibgas Auflegware 011
16Ernie - Piedratijera Flumo 009
17Mech - Se Peg Un Partigazo Mascerolab 003
18Alex Q - Stay No-Respone 013
19Andrea Gentile & Diego Capri - Tomato RMX Metroline 005
20Audio Dependent - The Deep End Alt 001
21Dachshund - Bowowow Harry Klein Networks 001
22Mathis Johnsen - Nachtschichtgeraet (Waehrend_Sie_Schlief_Mix) Auflegware 003
23Bardo - Sale la ficha Essential Reload 004
24Akille B. And Franky Ros - Ricordi Distorti Alquimia 002
25Dorian Knox - Butterfly Audioexit-Min 001
26Éloi Brunelle - Deepmush Thinner 100
27Tone Def - I Dunno Alt 001
28System of Survival - Headless Claque Net 008

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