Mixotic #108: Liquid Level - Live

Comment from Mixotic-Site:

After releases on Thinner and Bondage Records Liquid Level found his way to Mixotic. Deep, deep and deeper... That's the direction he is taking you with this live set. His beats are digging into the ground, covered by a film of deep chords and dubby melodic spots.

01-Liquid Level - Atom unreleased
02-Liquid Level - Plate Thinner 091
03-Liquid Level - Pw 1+2 unreleased
04-Liquid Level - Trema unreleased
05-Liquid Level - Tv addiction unreleased
06-Liquid Level - Horizon unreleased
07-Liquid Level - Tunnel unreleased
08-Liquid Level - Dark Voice Bondage 002
09-Liquid Level - Window unreleased
10-Liquid Level - Part Bondage 002
11-Liquid Level - Output Bondage 002

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Juraj,L.L.R.R.&M. said...

Helloooouuu guys!!!
Most of these stuffs from my live set are released on different labels,I'm not sure anymore but I think they all are released till now.
Anyway tnx for support and all best!!!
Best regards!!

Anonymous said...

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