Mixotic #101: Sven Swift - Terrain to Roam

Comment from Mixotic-Site:
Sven Swift is the maker of the label 12rec. His mix is like a colourful salad bowl filled with fresh music pieces of different styles. He's starting with some nice uptempo vocal songs, but later he's bringing it down to really relaxed chillout tracks.

Orange Crush - Across The Breeze
Stig Inge - Influences
Bobby Baby - Bobby (Rupert's HighVoltage Disco Remix)
Super Multifaros - We Are Giants
El Senor Ciuf Ciuf - I Think I Saw A Dead Person Walking Yesterday
AMbandet - Hours Disappear When You Are Dancing Here
Bubblyfish - Peripheral
Lukas Scholler - Milchig Trüb
Ellul - Blood (Heezen w/ xn Remix)
Emil Klotzsch - Geteiltes Sein
MB-ent - Izhevsk:Somehand
My First Trumpet - D. Kitt
Tsukimono - Black On Grey
Porcelain In The Backpack - Silent Giants
Biathalon - Warm Front
Herzog - Perhaps She'd Like To See Me Fall Apart

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